Domain Names

All good websites start with a memorable domain. Finding the perfect domain to use for your website can sometimes be a difficult task, but by using our fast and powerful domain search below it couldn't be simpler.


Domain Price Duration
£12 2 years
£12 per year

Tips For Choosing a Domain

  • Keep it simple
    • It's better to have a long simple name than a complex short one.
    • Avoid being over clever as this can just confuse your customers. B8kery might seem good, but just imagine trying to explain that domain over the phone or on the radio.
  • Keep it memorable
  • Avoid Anything Ambiguous
    • Try and avoid words that could have multiple meanings and spelling, for example "where, wear or were" or "for, 4 or four"
  • Use multiple domains
    • Why limit yourself to just one address? Have you web site accessable from multiple domains.
    • Redirect your site across multiple domain extensions .com and etc.
    • Try different address combinations such as "" and "".